Week #1: September 5th - 8th

Learning Expectations

This week, as we get to know each other and begin preparation for the college essay, students will:

  • communicate effectively in informal discussions and in various small writing assignments.
  • collaborate successfully when working with groups to analyze various passages.
  • actively and responsibly participate in our class community.
  • think critically and creatively when approaching interpretation and reflection assignments.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others.
  • demonstrate responsibility and independence when engaging in coursework both in class and at home.

Tuesday, September 5th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

WELCOME BACK! It's been a long time.

HW: (1) Read Course Expectations (2) Sign up for Google Classroom: PERIOD 5's code is butkg50. Period 6's code is j4f14w (3) Complete Introductory Survey (4) Begin thinking about your Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? response

Wednesday, September 6th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

HW: (1) Work on your frog response (due Thursday, before you go to bed, at a reasonable hour, like 10:00, because sleep is important). (2) Start Terms & Concept Log

Thursday, September 7th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Complete dissecting the literary frog
  • Introduction to AP Lit & Comp exam
    • Summer Reading Passage Analysis and Outline

HW: Complete Chicken Response and submit to Google Classroom before you go to bed (at a reasonable hour).

Friday, September 8th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Share Chicken Responses with the class
  • Introduce College Essay Assignment
    • Brainstorming Step #1

HW: (1) Read Amy Tan's story "Fish Cheeks" and prepare to discuss it on Monday. (2) Complete outline for an AP essay question on the summer reading passage you worked with on Thursday. (3) Review college essay prompts and start pondering how you would approach them. (4) OPTIONAL: Review the notes from last spring's College Essay Assembly