Week #4: September 25th -29th


Learning Expectations

This week, as we work through the epic poem Beowulf, students will:

  • think critically when reading, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the epic poem.
  • communicate effectively when crafting and presenting their Beowulf boasts and Monster verbal illustrations.
  • understand how the "monster as metaphor" concept is applied in Beowulf, and exhibit empathy and respect when discussing contemporary connections. 
  • apply the components of Campbell's monomyth structure to Beowulf's journey. 
  • generate their own questions and explore independent topics when engaging in student-led discussions. 
  • actively and responsibly participate as members of an academic community. 

Monday, September 25th (Day 3, Long 6)

  • Discussion of the readings so far.
  • Beowulf Boasts: Unlock Your Word Hoard!

HW: (1) Read lines 1232 - 1812 and prepare for a Student-led Discussion (SLD) on WEDNESDAY (2) Review the Monster as Metaphor verbal and visual illustration assignment on Google Classroom. We will talk about it tomorrow in class, but I'd like you to read through the assignment before we do.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 12.00.20 PM.png

Tuesday, September 26th (Day 4, Long 7)

  • Review of Monster assignment
  • Viewing of clips from Beowulf film

HW: (1) Prepare for Wednesday's SLD (2) Work on Monster assignment (due Monday) (3) OPTIONAL: Revise College Essay 

Wednesday, September 27th (Day 5, Long 1) 

  • SLD

HW: (1) Read lines 1813  - 2199 (2) Work on Monster assignment (due Monday) (3) OPTIONAL: Revise College Essay 

Thursday, September 28th (Day 6, Long 2) I will be out of the building today.

  • A.P. Multiple Choice Practice
  • Time to read conclusion of Beowulf

HW: (1) Work on Monster assignment (2) Complete reading Beowulf (3) OPTIONAL: Revise College Essay 

Friday, September 29th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Discussion of the conclusion of Beowulf
  • Overview of Critical Frame essay assignment. 

HW: (1) Complete Monster as Metaphor assignment (2) Optional: Revise College Essay (3) Read "The Myth of Sisyphus" and Plato's Allegory of the Cave for Tuesday.