Week #2: September 11th - 15th

Learning Expectations

This week, while we wrap up our discussion of the college essay and continue our introductory work on literary criticism for AP Literature and Composition, students will:

  • think critically and creatively when evaluating, analyzing, composing, and reflecting on various writing samples.
  • communicate effectively when engaging in class discussions and completing writing assignments.
  • work independently and collaboratively while working through the writing process. 
  • generate their own questions and investigate independent topics when drafting their college admissions essay. 
  • act with integrity in all academic endeavors. 

Monday, September 11th (Day 1, Long 4) and Tuesday, September 12th (Day 2, Long 5)

HW: (1) Continue to work on your College Essay (due Monday, September 18th) (2) Review the stories we read in class today. Choose one of them, the one you think is most effective, and reflect on it. This assignment is in Google Classroom.  (3) OPTIONAL: Review college essay guide documents on Google Classroom (Stories Live: Beginning, Middle, End; 5 Question Graphic Organizer). They are there to help you start your essay. No need to use them if you don't need them.

Wednesday, September 13th (Day3, Long 6) and Thursday, September 14th (Day 4, Long 7)

  • Review reference materials
  • Introduction to Literary Theory
  • Question Generation Activity: (1) For each of the following levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, generate two questions (one for each of your assigned critical frames). Use 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale as your source material for each level. (2) Write your questions on the whiteboard tables in the English hall alcove. (3) Engage in a "silent discussion" by answering your peers' questions on the tables. 
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 5.55.22 PM.png

HW: (1) Complete your critical frame paragraph on 1984 and submit via Google Classroom. (2) Read Action Philosophers: Joseph Campbell (3) Complete Personal Narrative / College Essay for Monday. REMEMBER, this is just a draft. You will be able to revise next week. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.01.07 PM.png

Friday, September 15th (Day 5, Long1)

  • Brief overview of the monomyth
  • Begin viewing the history channel documentary, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed

MAKE NOTE OF: archetypal terminology, use of varied critical frames. 

DO NOT MAKE NOTE OF: Specifics about Star Wars. You are not responsible for the plot of the Star Wars saga, but rather the information the film conveys through discussion of that saga. 

HW: (1) Complete college essay (2) Begin viewing presentations on the Hero's Journey