Weeks 5 - 6: October 2nd - 16th

Learning Expectations

In these two weeks, while students explore the supplementary material for the Monsters, Men, and Mayhem unit, they will:

  • think critically and creatively when reading and analyzing classic and contemporary poetry, and applying their themes to the core texts for the unit.
  • communicate effectively while completing formal writing assignments.
  • demonstrate respect for self and others while engaging in classroom discussions.
  • collaborate successfully when working through complex visual texts.
  • generate their own questions and investigate independent topics when completing the critical frame essay.
  • act with integrity in all academic endeavors.
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Tuesday, October 10th (Day 5, Long 1)

  • While I am out on the Salem Field Trip, please go complete watching Cool Hand Luke and begin work on the visual analysis assignment. See Google Classroom for specifics.

HW: (1) Timed Writing Assignment: Ozymandias due tomorrow (2) Work on your Beowulf critical frame essay (3) Read chapter 1 of John Gardner's Grendel

Wednesday, October 11th (Day 6, Long 2)

  • Quick Write:
  • Visual Analysis assignment: Depictions of Grendel
  • Discussion of chapter 1
  • Complete CHL Visual Analysis assignment

HW: (1) Read chapter 2 (2) Beowulf Critical Frame essay due Friday (3) Consider reviewing Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Thursday, October 12th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Review Plato's Allegory of the Cave
  • Discuss chapter 2 - identifying parallels to Plato's Theory of Enlightenment
  • Quick Write

HW: (1) Read chapter 3 (2) Complete Beowulf critical frame essay

Friday, October 13th

  • Quick Write
  • Discuss chapter 3
  • Timed Writing Review

HW: (1) Read chapter 4 (2) Complete corresponding reflective writing assignment

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Week 5

This week, we will discuss each of the following supplementary materials, focusing on thematic and conceptual connections to Beowulf and Grendel:

  • William Butler Yeats's "The Second Coming" - focusing on Yeats's Theory of History and what it means to be a "falcon" who "cannot hear the falconer."
  • "Slouching Toward Beyonce" by Morgan Parker - focusing on conceptual and thematic connections to "The Second Coming" as well as the action of using a classic text to prompt new literature.
  • The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus - focusing on the philosophy of the absurd, the absurd hero, and the absurd reality
  • Cool Hand Luke - focusing on the various manifestations of hero archetypes (Absurd Hero, Romantic Hero, Existential "Heroic") as well as various philosophies and ideologies evident in Grendel (theology, existentialism, Romanticism, absurdism).
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