Week #1: September 5th - September 8th

Learning Expectations

This week, as we cover the concept of representation in the media, students will

  • think critically while identifying contemporary media tropes and their impact on social behavior.
  • collaborate successfully when analyzing various film and television clips.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and empathy for others when addressing media representation of marginalized groups.
  • communicate effectively in class discussions and in short written assignments.
  • generate their own questions when preparing for class discussions.

Tuesday, September 5th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Introductions
    • "3-2-1 Action" Questions
  • Diagnostic Assignment: "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire

HW: (1) Read course expectations (2) Have permission slip signed (3) Sign up for Google Classroom (b70i87)

Wednesday, September 6th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Review "The Suburbs"
  • Background/Context Information
  • Representations, Stereotypes, and Social Constructs
  • View and discuss Silent Beats
  • READ: "Black Criminal Stereotypes and Racial Profiling"

HW: (1) Complete reading the article. Prepare to discuss in class tomorrow.  (2) Permission slip is due tomorrow.

Thursday, September 7th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

Grades 11 and 12 Assemblies will take place during this period. Each grade-level will be present for approximately half of the class. Thus, students will use the time to work with a partner on the following:

Identify a list of character types, of archetypal characters, you see in contemporary media and provide two examples for each. Your list should include at least two different character types for each of the following categories:

    • Contemporary Tropes 
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Age
    • Class
    • Gender
    • Geography

HW: Read "Babies to Heroes: A Field Guide to Big Screen Men" (and complete response in Google Classroom)

Friday, September 8th


  • Blackish Pilot vs. Modern Family Pilot
  • View episodes and prepare to discuss in class.