Week #3: September 18th - 22nd

Learning Expectations

As students watch their first feature film and apply their understanding of the first round of film terms to their discussions, they will:

  • communicate effectively when sharing insights on Spielberg's use of film techniques to convey meaning and discussing the thematic content of the film
  • think critically while viewing and analyzing the film's thematic content and exploring the "monster as metaphor" concept.
  • participate as part of an academic community by engaging in discussion board assignments and collaborative classroom activities.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others.
  • solve problems resourcefully when planning and shooting their shot-for-shot scene recreation assignment.

Monday, September 18th (Day 6, Long 2)

  • Cinematic Connotation and Conventional Symbolism (visual iconography) 
  • Begin Critical Viewing of Jaws. Students: You should take notes (1) as you recognize film techniques (2) as you identify thematic content (3) as you acknowledge representations/archetypes and their individual manifestations. 

HW: If you did not have a chance to finish the conventional symbolism assignment, please do for homework.

Tuesday, September 19th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Continue Critical Viewing of Jaws

Wednesday, September 20th (Day 1, Long 4)

  • Complete Critical Viewing of Jaws
  • Whole-Class Discussion of THEMES
  • Overview of (1) Discussion Board Assignment (2) Scene Recreation Assignment
 My high school physics teacher is somewhere in this famous scene. :)

My high school physics teacher is somewhere in this famous scene. :)

Thursday, September 21st (Career Day Bell Schedule)

  • Work within film crews on the Jaws scene recreation assignment

HW: Discussion Board

Friday, September 22nd (Day 2, Long 5)

  • Wrap up filming and prepare to present

HW: Discussion Board