Week # 2: September 11th - 15th

Learning Expectations:

This week, while concluding our introduction on the impact of media representations and beginning our first unit on film technique, students will:

  • think critically and creatively when analyzing and creating various shot compositions.
  • engage as members of a local, global, and digital community when discussing the impact of media representations on social behavior.
  • communicate effectively when participating in class discussions and when composing short reflective and analytical writing assignments. 
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others, and demonstrate empathy.
  • work both independently and collaboratively to complete various assignments. 

Monday, September 11th (Day 1, Long Block 4)

  • Continue discussion of contemporary tropes and their impact on social behavior
    • Focus on Katrina coverage
    • Look at the concept of "code switching"

CODE SWITCHING: the modifying of one's behavior, appearance, etc., to adapt to different sociocultural norms:

  • Discuss representations of masculinity and their social impact
  • Begin critical viewing of two family sitcoms: Modern Family and Blackish

Tuesday, September 12th (Day 2, Long Block 5)

  • Continue critical viewing of family sitcoms
  • Engage in follow-up discussion and reflection assignment

Wednesday, September 13th (Day 3, Long Block 6)

  • Wrap-up assessments: Blackish / Modern Family Two Column Notes - Complete for three different representations. (See example below)
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.06.13 PM.png

Thursday, September 14th (Day 4, Long Block 7)

  • Begin notes on the first film term unit: The Camera and the Shot

Friday, September 15th (Day 5, Long Block 1)

  • Complete notes on The Camera and the Shot
  • Work on shot composition assignment

HW: Change Social Constructs in Four Images (if only that were possible) - Create a positive representation of one of the following categories: STUDENT AGE/GRADE, HS ROLE (student, teacher, administrator). See Google Classroom for details.