Weeks 5 & 6: October 2nd - 16th

Learning Expectations

While students complete their summative assessment for our first film technique unit, The Camera and the Shot, and begin to explore topics in our second film technique unit, Film Lighting and Sound, they will:

  • think critically when applying knowledge of film terms to creative projects.
  • solve problems resourcefully and collaborate successfully when recreating their chosen scenes from Jaws.
  • generate their own questions and investigate independent topics when engaging in an online discussion of the thematic content of Jaws and the 'monster as metaphor' concept.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others in class discussions and when participating as an active audience member for student presentations
  • act with integrity in all academic endeavors
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 6.20.15 AM.png

During the course of these two weeks, students will