Weeks 5 & 6: October 2nd - 16th

Learning Expectations

While students complete their summative assessment for our first film technique unit, The Camera and the Shot, and begin to explore topics in our second film technique unit, Film Lighting and Sound, they will:

  • think critically when applying knowledge of film terms to creative projects.
  • solve problems resourcefully and collaborate successfully when recreating their chosen scenes from Jaws.
  • generate their own questions and investigate independent topics when engaging in an online discussion of the thematic content of Jaws and the 'monster as metaphor' concept.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others in class discussions and when participating as an active audience member for student presentations
  • act with integrity in all academic endeavors
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During the course of these two weeks, students will

Week # 4: September 25th- 29th

Happy Ally Week!

Learning Expectations

This week, while we wrap up our first unit on film technique, students will:

  • think critically and creatively when completing their cinematic palette and Jaws scene recreation assignments.
  • communicate effectively when sharing their insights on the thematic and metaphorical content discussion board.
  • work collaboratively to solve problems when planning, creating, and presenting their Jaws scenes.
  • exhibit integrity, respect, and responsibility in all activities.
  • actively participate in an academic community.

Monday, September 25th (Day 3, Long 6)

  • Complete active viewing of Jaws.
  • Review all Jaws assignments (cinematic palette, discussion board, scene recreation).
  • Develop Film Crew Teams and create filming passes.
  • Begin work on assignments.

HW: (1) Discussion board is due Friday (2) Scene recreation is due Friday (3) Cinematic Palette is due Wednesday

Tuesday, September 26th (Day 4, Long 7)

  • Work on Jaws assignments

HW: (1) Discussion board is due Friday (2) Scene recreation is due Friday (3) Cinematic Palette is due Wednesday

Wednesday, September 27th (Day 5, Long 1)

  • Work on Jaws assignments

HW: (1) Discussion board is due Friday (2) Scene recreation is due Friday (3) Cinematic Palette is due Wednesday

Thursday, September 28th (Day 6, Long 2)

  • Work on Jaws assignments
  • NOTE: I will be out of the building today (at Jury Duty). If you leave the classroom to film, remember to sign out with the substitute, and sign back in upon your return. Don't forget to take your film crew pass.

HW: (1) Discussion board is due Friday (2) Scene recreation is due Friday

Friday, September 29th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Jaws Scene Recreation Presentations

HW: Watch something. View it critically. Have a conversation about it with someone.

Week #3: September 18th - 22nd

Learning Expectations

As students watch their first feature film and apply their understanding of the first round of film terms to their discussions, they will:

  • communicate effectively when sharing insights on Spielberg's use of film techniques to convey meaning and discussing the thematic content of the film
  • think critically while viewing and analyzing the film's thematic content and exploring the "monster as metaphor" concept.
  • participate as part of an academic community by engaging in discussion board assignments and collaborative classroom activities.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others.
  • solve problems resourcefully when planning and shooting their shot-for-shot scene recreation assignment.

Monday, September 18th (Day 6, Long 2)

  • Cinematic Connotation and Conventional Symbolism (visual iconography) 
  • Begin Critical Viewing of Jaws. Students: You should take notes (1) as you recognize film techniques (2) as you identify thematic content (3) as you acknowledge representations/archetypes and their individual manifestations. 

HW: If you did not have a chance to finish the conventional symbolism assignment, please do for homework.

Tuesday, September 19th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Continue Critical Viewing of Jaws

Wednesday, September 20th (Day 1, Long 4)

  • Complete Critical Viewing of Jaws
  • Whole-Class Discussion of THEMES
  • Overview of (1) Discussion Board Assignment (2) Scene Recreation Assignment
 My high school physics teacher is somewhere in this famous scene. :)

My high school physics teacher is somewhere in this famous scene. :)

Thursday, September 21st (Career Day Bell Schedule)

  • Work within film crews on the Jaws scene recreation assignment

HW: Discussion Board

Friday, September 22nd (Day 2, Long 5)

  • Wrap up filming and prepare to present

HW: Discussion Board

Week # 2: September 11th - 15th

Learning Expectations:

This week, while concluding our introduction on the impact of media representations and beginning our first unit on film technique, students will:

  • think critically and creatively when analyzing and creating various shot compositions.
  • engage as members of a local, global, and digital community when discussing the impact of media representations on social behavior.
  • communicate effectively when participating in class discussions and when composing short reflective and analytical writing assignments. 
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others, and demonstrate empathy.
  • work both independently and collaboratively to complete various assignments. 

Monday, September 11th (Day 1, Long Block 4)

  • Continue discussion of contemporary tropes and their impact on social behavior
    • Focus on Katrina coverage
    • Look at the concept of "code switching"

CODE SWITCHING: the modifying of one's behavior, appearance, etc., to adapt to different sociocultural norms:

  • Discuss representations of masculinity and their social impact
  • Begin critical viewing of two family sitcoms: Modern Family and Blackish

Tuesday, September 12th (Day 2, Long Block 5)

  • Continue critical viewing of family sitcoms
  • Engage in follow-up discussion and reflection assignment

Wednesday, September 13th (Day 3, Long Block 6)

  • Wrap-up assessments: Blackish / Modern Family Two Column Notes - Complete for three different representations. (See example below)
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.06.13 PM.png

Thursday, September 14th (Day 4, Long Block 7)

  • Begin notes on the first film term unit: The Camera and the Shot

Friday, September 15th (Day 5, Long Block 1)

  • Complete notes on The Camera and the Shot
  • Work on shot composition assignment

HW: Change Social Constructs in Four Images (if only that were possible) - Create a positive representation of one of the following categories: STUDENT AGE/GRADE, HS ROLE (student, teacher, administrator). See Google Classroom for details. 

Week #1: September 5th - September 8th

Learning Expectations

This week, as we cover the concept of representation in the media, students will

  • think critically while identifying contemporary media tropes and their impact on social behavior.
  • collaborate successfully when analyzing various film and television clips.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and empathy for others when addressing media representation of marginalized groups.
  • communicate effectively in class discussions and in short written assignments.
  • generate their own questions when preparing for class discussions.

Tuesday, September 5th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Introductions
    • "3-2-1 Action" Questions
  • Diagnostic Assignment: "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire

HW: (1) Read course expectations (2) Have permission slip signed (3) Sign up for Google Classroom (b70i87)

Wednesday, September 6th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Review "The Suburbs"
  • Background/Context Information
  • Representations, Stereotypes, and Social Constructs
  • View and discuss Silent Beats
  • READ: "Black Criminal Stereotypes and Racial Profiling"

HW: (1) Complete reading the article. Prepare to discuss in class tomorrow.  (2) Permission slip is due tomorrow.

Thursday, September 7th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

Grades 11 and 12 Assemblies will take place during this period. Each grade-level will be present for approximately half of the class. Thus, students will use the time to work with a partner on the following:

Identify a list of character types, of archetypal characters, you see in contemporary media and provide two examples for each. Your list should include at least two different character types for each of the following categories:

    • Contemporary Tropes 
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Age
    • Class
    • Gender
    • Geography

HW: Read "Babies to Heroes: A Field Guide to Big Screen Men" (and complete response in Google Classroom)

Friday, September 8th


  • Blackish Pilot vs. Modern Family Pilot
  • View episodes and prepare to discuss in class.