Week # 7: October 16th - 20th

Learning Expectations:

This week, while students continue their reading of John Gardner's perspective novel Grendel, they will:

  • think critically while interpreting and analyzing complex text

  • collaborate successfully while exploring Alfred North Whitehead's philosophy as presented by the dragon.

  • exhibit empathy when working to understand how "monsters" are created and how we can prevent "monstrous action."

  • communicate effectively in written assignments

  • demonstrate responsibility while staying on top of all new assignments as well as writing revisions.

Monday, October 16th  (Day 1, Long 4)

  • Small group discussion on chapters 3 & 4

  • Identify group roles, including a recorder. Address the provided questions on chapter 4, and develop your own discussion guideline. Submit a record of the inquiry paths you traveled as well as the main insights/ideas of your discussion.

HW: (1) Read chapter 5 for Wednesday. (2) Review the provided essay on Alfred North Whitehead's philosophy. (3) Generate a minimum of four discussion questions for class. NOTE: Your questions need to range in cognitive level (see your Bloom's guide) - understanding, evaluating, analyzing, interpreting, applying. (4) Generate a minimum of three six word memoir drafts to share tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 17th (Day 2, Long 5)

  • Whole class follow-up discussion on the chapters

  • (LONG BLOCK) Keeping in mind what we have been discussing about Grendel and the importance of understanding your own identity and understanding different perspectives in stories, finalize your six word memoir and share it with the class. We will discuss each "story" - working to identify what we learn about the individual based on these six words.

HW: Generate a minimum of 4 questions that reflect a range of cognitive levels on Bloom's Taxonomy. Review chapter 5 and the piece on Alfred North Whitehead. NOTE: Chapters 6 & 7 are due Thursday. Keep in mind the trigger warning for chapter 7 (sexualized violence against women).

Wednesday, October 18th (Day 3, Long Block 6)

  • Share peer questions and address them in small groups.

  • Work to explain the following quotes, focusing first on their meaning isolated from the text, and then by relating them to Grendel's journey.

  1. “Knowledge is not cause.”

  2. “Connectedness is the essence of everything.”

  3. “The essence of life is to be found in the frustrations of established order.”

  4. “Novel order (is) a primary requisite for important experience.”

  5. “Importance is derived from the immanence of infinitude in the finite.”

  6. “Expression is founded on the finite occasion. It is the activity of infinitude impressing itself on its environment.”

  7. “Fiddlesticks. Why not frighten them? Creature, I could tell you things.”

  • View In a Nutshell video on Optimistic Nihilism (a nicer way of saying "Seek out gold and sit on it") and write a brief reflection of it connecting to Grendel.

Thursday, October 19th (Day 4, Long Block 7)

  • Quick Write: Quotation Analysis

  • Whole-class discussion of chapters 6 & 7

HW: (1) Complete your six word memoir. (2) Review the Shapers and Dragons assignment on Google classroom. (3) Read chapter 8 for Monday. Review the provided material on Machiavelli, as well as this TED Ed video to help you understand the political theory reflected in this chapter.

Friday, October 20th (Day 5, Long Block 1)

  • Use the period to work on Shapers and Dragons, your Grendel Reading Record, or your Terms and Concepts Log.  

Weeks 5 - 6: October 2nd - 16th

Learning Expectations

In these two weeks, while students explore the supplementary material for the Monsters, Men, and Mayhem unit, they will:

  • think critically and creatively when reading and analyzing classic and contemporary poetry, and applying their themes to the core texts for the unit.
  • communicate effectively while completing formal writing assignments.
  • demonstrate respect for self and others while engaging in classroom discussions.
  • collaborate successfully when working through complex visual texts.
  • generate their own questions and investigate independent topics when completing the critical frame essay.
  • act with integrity in all academic endeavors.
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 5.23.24 AM.png

Tuesday, October 10th (Day 5, Long 1)

  • While I am out on the Salem Field Trip, please go complete watching Cool Hand Luke and begin work on the visual analysis assignment. See Google Classroom for specifics.

HW: (1) Timed Writing Assignment: Ozymandias due tomorrow (2) Work on your Beowulf critical frame essay (3) Read chapter 1 of John Gardner's Grendel

Wednesday, October 11th (Day 6, Long 2)

  • Quick Write:
  • Visual Analysis assignment: Depictions of Grendel
  • Discussion of chapter 1
  • Complete CHL Visual Analysis assignment

HW: (1) Read chapter 2 (2) Beowulf Critical Frame essay due Friday (3) Consider reviewing Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Thursday, October 12th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Review Plato's Allegory of the Cave
  • Discuss chapter 2 - identifying parallels to Plato's Theory of Enlightenment
  • Quick Write

HW: (1) Read chapter 3 (2) Complete Beowulf critical frame essay

Friday, October 13th

  • Quick Write
  • Discuss chapter 3
  • Timed Writing Review

HW: (1) Read chapter 4 (2) Complete corresponding reflective writing assignment

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 5.23.47 AM.png

Week 5

This week, we will discuss each of the following supplementary materials, focusing on thematic and conceptual connections to Beowulf and Grendel:

  • William Butler Yeats's "The Second Coming" - focusing on Yeats's Theory of History and what it means to be a "falcon" who "cannot hear the falconer."
  • "Slouching Toward Beyonce" by Morgan Parker - focusing on conceptual and thematic connections to "The Second Coming" as well as the action of using a classic text to prompt new literature.
  • The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus - focusing on the philosophy of the absurd, the absurd hero, and the absurd reality
  • Cool Hand Luke - focusing on the various manifestations of hero archetypes (Absurd Hero, Romantic Hero, Existential "Heroic") as well as various philosophies and ideologies evident in Grendel (theology, existentialism, Romanticism, absurdism).
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 5.24.00 AM.png

Week #4: September 25th -29th


Learning Expectations

This week, as we work through the epic poem Beowulf, students will:

  • think critically when reading, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the epic poem.
  • communicate effectively when crafting and presenting their Beowulf boasts and Monster verbal illustrations.
  • understand how the "monster as metaphor" concept is applied in Beowulf, and exhibit empathy and respect when discussing contemporary connections. 
  • apply the components of Campbell's monomyth structure to Beowulf's journey. 
  • generate their own questions and explore independent topics when engaging in student-led discussions. 
  • actively and responsibly participate as members of an academic community. 

Monday, September 25th (Day 3, Long 6)

  • Discussion of the readings so far.
  • Beowulf Boasts: Unlock Your Word Hoard!

HW: (1) Read lines 1232 - 1812 and prepare for a Student-led Discussion (SLD) on WEDNESDAY (2) Review the Monster as Metaphor verbal and visual illustration assignment on Google Classroom. We will talk about it tomorrow in class, but I'd like you to read through the assignment before we do.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 12.00.20 PM.png

Tuesday, September 26th (Day 4, Long 7)

  • Review of Monster assignment
  • Viewing of clips from Beowulf film

HW: (1) Prepare for Wednesday's SLD (2) Work on Monster assignment (due Monday) (3) OPTIONAL: Revise College Essay 

Wednesday, September 27th (Day 5, Long 1) 

  • SLD

HW: (1) Read lines 1813  - 2199 (2) Work on Monster assignment (due Monday) (3) OPTIONAL: Revise College Essay 

Thursday, September 28th (Day 6, Long 2) I will be out of the building today.

  • A.P. Multiple Choice Practice
  • Time to read conclusion of Beowulf

HW: (1) Work on Monster assignment (2) Complete reading Beowulf (3) OPTIONAL: Revise College Essay 

Friday, September 29th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Discussion of the conclusion of Beowulf
  • Overview of Critical Frame essay assignment. 

HW: (1) Complete Monster as Metaphor assignment (2) Optional: Revise College Essay (3) Read "The Myth of Sisyphus" and Plato's Allegory of the Cave for Tuesday. 

Week # 3: September 18th - 22nd

Learning Expectations

This week, while working through their understanding of hero story concepts, revising their college essays, and exploring the epic poem Beowulf, students will:

  • think critically when investigating the literal and figurative meanings of complex texts.
  • think creatively when applying Anglo-Saxon rituals and literary practices to their own writing.
  • communicate effectively when sharing insights in class discussion and through various writing assignments. 
  • collaborate successfully when working with classmates to analyze passages from the text and engage in critical reading activities. 
  • generate their own questions and explore independent topics when preparing for class discussion.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others.
  • act with integrity in all academic endeavors.

Monday, September 18th (Day 6, Long 2)

  • Complete viewing Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed
  • Take notes on literary concepts as presented in the film

HW: (1) Review Hero Powerpoint Presentations to prepare for Friday's quiz (2) Work on Terms and Concepts Log

Tuesday, September 19th (Day 7, Long 3)

  • Introduction to Beowulf
  • Read the prologue (lines 1 - 50)
  • Time permitting, look at Anglo-Saxon Riddles (on Google Classroom)

HW: (1) Study for Friday's quiz (2) Read through line 687

Wednesday, September 20th (Day 1, Long 4)

  • Students will work collaboratively on critical reading assignments while I conference with individuals to review their college essays.
  • Whole-class discussion of reading (final 10-15 minutes)

HW: (1) Prepare for Friday's quiz (2) Read through line 1250

Thursday, September 21st (Career Day Bell Schedule)

  • Students will work collaboratively on critical reading assignments while I conference with individuals to review their college essays.
  • Whole-class discussion of reading (final 10-15 minutes)


Friday, September 22nd (Day 2, Long 5)

  • Hero Quiz
  • Discussion of Beowulf so far

Week #2: September 11th - 15th

Learning Expectations

This week, while we wrap up our discussion of the college essay and continue our introductory work on literary criticism for AP Literature and Composition, students will:

  • think critically and creatively when evaluating, analyzing, composing, and reflecting on various writing samples.
  • communicate effectively when engaging in class discussions and completing writing assignments.
  • work independently and collaboratively while working through the writing process. 
  • generate their own questions and investigate independent topics when drafting their college admissions essay. 
  • act with integrity in all academic endeavors. 

Monday, September 11th (Day 1, Long 4) and Tuesday, September 12th (Day 2, Long 5)

HW: (1) Continue to work on your College Essay (due Monday, September 18th) (2) Review the stories we read in class today. Choose one of them, the one you think is most effective, and reflect on it. This assignment is in Google Classroom.  (3) OPTIONAL: Review college essay guide documents on Google Classroom (Stories Live: Beginning, Middle, End; 5 Question Graphic Organizer). They are there to help you start your essay. No need to use them if you don't need them.

Wednesday, September 13th (Day3, Long 6) and Thursday, September 14th (Day 4, Long 7)

  • Review reference materials
  • Introduction to Literary Theory
  • Question Generation Activity: (1) For each of the following levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, generate two questions (one for each of your assigned critical frames). Use 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale as your source material for each level. (2) Write your questions on the whiteboard tables in the English hall alcove. (3) Engage in a "silent discussion" by answering your peers' questions on the tables. 
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 5.55.22 PM.png

HW: (1) Complete your critical frame paragraph on 1984 and submit via Google Classroom. (2) Read Action Philosophers: Joseph Campbell (3) Complete Personal Narrative / College Essay for Monday. REMEMBER, this is just a draft. You will be able to revise next week. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.01.07 PM.png

Friday, September 15th (Day 5, Long1)

  • Brief overview of the monomyth
  • Begin viewing the history channel documentary, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed

MAKE NOTE OF: archetypal terminology, use of varied critical frames. 

DO NOT MAKE NOTE OF: Specifics about Star Wars. You are not responsible for the plot of the Star Wars saga, but rather the information the film conveys through discussion of that saga. 

HW: (1) Complete college essay (2) Begin viewing presentations on the Hero's Journey

Week #1: September 5th - 8th

Learning Expectations

This week, as we get to know each other and begin preparation for the college essay, students will:

  • communicate effectively in informal discussions and in various small writing assignments.
  • collaborate successfully when working with groups to analyze various passages.
  • actively and responsibly participate in our class community.
  • think critically and creatively when approaching interpretation and reflection assignments.
  • exhibit respect for themselves and others.
  • demonstrate responsibility and independence when engaging in coursework both in class and at home.

Tuesday, September 5th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

WELCOME BACK! It's been a long time.

HW: (1) Read Course Expectations (2) Sign up for Google Classroom: PERIOD 5's code is butkg50. Period 6's code is j4f14w (3) Complete Introductory Survey (4) Begin thinking about your Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? response

Wednesday, September 6th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

HW: (1) Work on your frog response (due Thursday, before you go to bed, at a reasonable hour, like 10:00, because sleep is important). (2) Start Terms & Concept Log

Thursday, September 7th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Complete dissecting the literary frog
  • Introduction to AP Lit & Comp exam
    • Summer Reading Passage Analysis and Outline

HW: Complete Chicken Response and submit to Google Classroom before you go to bed (at a reasonable hour).

Friday, September 8th (Extended Homeroom Schedule)

  • Share Chicken Responses with the class
  • Introduce College Essay Assignment
    • Brainstorming Step #1

HW: (1) Read Amy Tan's story "Fish Cheeks" and prepare to discuss it on Monday. (2) Complete outline for an AP essay question on the summer reading passage you worked with on Thursday. (3) Review college essay prompts and start pondering how you would approach them. (4) OPTIONAL: Review the notes from last spring's College Essay Assembly